Assigning Credits on a Challenge Program Transcript

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Classical Conversations is a support program to homeschooling families. Parents, as their child’s teacher, are responsible for determining the credits for each semester. The following document can provide some general guidance on how to assign credits on a high school transcript for Challenge I-IV programs  Challenge Program Scope and Sequence with Credits

Parents need to work to ensure that their students are on track to meet all of their desired educational goals as they are the ones responsible for keeping track of grades and credits, as well as complying with various state laws.  

Laws related to homeschooling and high school graduation vary from state to state. For this reason, parents need to be in touch with their state's Department of Education to be sure they are in compliance with homeschooling laws and graduation requirements. For assistance in understanding the homeschooling requirements for your specific state, you may also access the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

For more information regarding credit hours and program statistics follow THIS link to the Student Profile Form, which is updated annually. This form is available for parents to enter their own homeschool information. The form can be then printed and given to college admission directors in order to more fully explain the Classical Conversations program. 

For additional assistance with recording your student's high school transcript, please see the website

Is the Challenge Program considered honors?

The Challenge courses are considered to be standard. However, the definition of an honors course is somewhat arbitrary. Generally speaking, an honors class covers additional material than what is outlined in the standard course of study. Parents need to determine if a course should be considered to be honors or standard.

Can I assign credits from Challenge A and B?

In most cases, Challenge students have more than enough credits to meet state graduation requirements. In Challenge B, students can get 1.0 credit for successful completion of Introductory and Intermediate Logic, and 0.5 credit for debate (Mock Trial). What is deserving of a credit varies from family to family. As a result, the tutor is not in a position to provide an enhanced assignment schedule. 

Parents will have to do some research and decide what their educational goals are for the student. Some parents begin by looking at admission requirements of potential colleges and work from there. Again, the parent must decide and be the final giver of grades/credits. For additional assistance, please see the website

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