Assigning Credits on a Challenge Program Transcript

Attached is a document that provides general guidance on how to assign credits on a high school transcript for Challenge I-IV programs. 

Challenge Difference, Assigning Credits

Following are a few notes to provide clarification on how to assign credits for select English and math courses. Also, since the parent is the teacher, they are the final arbiter of how many credits should be assigned based on their student’s work. 
English Credits (Total of 6 credits or all English courses CH I-IV)
American Literature & Composition I: 2 credits
British Literature & Composition II: 2 credits

Saxon Math Credits (Total of 4.5 - 5 credits for all math courses CH I-IV)
Algebra 1: 1 credit of algebra I
Algebra 2: 1 credit of algebra II + ½ credit of geometry
Advanced Math Year 1 (A): 1 credit of geometry 
Advanced Math Year 2 (B): 1 credit of trigonometry and precalculus
Advanced Math Year 1 (A): ½ credit of geometry + ½ credit of algebra III + ½ credit of trigonometry
Advanced Math Year 2 (B): 1 credit of precalculus


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