Academic Records Transcript Service

Academic Records Account

Academic Records is a website that helps homeschool families create, store, and print transcripts.

Free Registration

You can create a free account to get started entering courses and grade information on Academic Records.  Multiple students can be created under the same email address for your school. 

Enter Course Information

Record and enter courses from 1st grade up through college. Reports typically display high school year information 9th- 12th grade.  Student and school registration form allow for options of grades and notes to display on transcript report.

Report (Transcript) Purchase

Reports for each student costs $15 per year. Families can print as many transcripts as they like for a one-time cost of $15 within the calendar year. It costs an additional $15 for each child per year. Additional students who do not need a transcript will need to be removed before completing the purchase for the transcript.  Select the box next the student(s) to remove and click the Remove selected student(s) from Payment Form before continuing with payment.  This payment allows access to the Reports tab where you can print and/or download transcript.  

Electronic Transcript Parchment Service

To send your transcript electronically directly to institutions you will need to create and pay for a separate Parchment account. Find information on setting up your account in the Help Section of 

Academic Records Troubleshooting  

Technical Questions

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, send an email to Families should provide the following information when contacting for assistance:

  • Student Name
  • Email Address for account
  • Issue you are having ( cannot login, transcript not displaying properly, duplicate payment, etc.)

Please allow 24 hours for a response.  If you have not heard back by email, contact Customer Service at with the above information. 

Browser Restrictions

Please note that Safari is not a supported browser for Academic Records. Customers can use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Firefox instead. See a full list of restricted browsers here.

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