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About Homeschool Counselor

Homeschool Counselor serves families to excel in high school and next steps to college, employment and service. Make your life easier by adding a support team. Licensed Homeschool Counselors are Christ-centered resources who serve in their communities as families anticipate choices prompted by the child’s God-given development and advancing education.

Website: Homeschool Counselor

Blog: Homeschool Counselor Blog

Services offered in these areas:

  • Colleges
  • Counsel
  • Scholarships
  • Transcripts 

Network Benefits

  • Relate to other like-minded homeschool families whom you would otherwise never meet.
  • Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers: college, gap year, scholarships, online education, competitive sports, and more.
  • Hear over 50 years of collective homeschooling wisdom in stories, experiences and customized information.
  • Get input from Christian specialists on topics related to homeschooling through high school, into college or lifelong pursuits.

What are the features of the Network Subscription?

  • Receive scholarship links with time to submit, saving you thousands of dollars (to in-state or nearby private colleges, or to enrichment programs)
  • Access college leaders for special insights
  • Make decisions with helpful tools
  • Answers to your questions from like-minded parents
  • Attend private online events
  • View recorded webinars on several post-graduation topics
  • Scan comments by civil and morally-upright moderators
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