NCAA and Homeschooling

Many former Classical Conversations students have played NCAA sports at Division I and II schools. All students that wish to play NCAA sports must be certified as eligible by the NCAA. This also includes those that wish to apply for a college scholarship to play an NCAA sport.

The NCAA has a web page for homeschool students that outlines all of their eligibility requirements

The CC Challenge curriculum meets or exceeds all of the NCAA’s academic course requirements.

Homeschool parents should always keep detailed records of their student’s academic coursework and community service. In addition, we strongly recommend that college-bound students consider test preparation courses for the ACT and/or the SAT.

Homeschool students interested in participating in NCAA sports should register with the NCAA eligibility center as early as the 10th grade and begin working to ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements.

Following is a brief overview of NCAA eligibility requirements


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