Classical Conversations Plus

What is Classical Conversations Plus?

Classical Conversations Plus exists for registered Challenge® families to enroll in regionally-accredited 3-credit hour college courses that are closely-aligned to the Challenge II, III and IV Guides. Classical Conversations Plus has several benefits:

  • Colleges provide regionally-accredited credit through credentialed Assessors or Reviewers for Challenge coursework;
    • Regional accreditation is the highest quality type of credit, according to the higher education system (seems counter-intuitive that the region is higher quality than the national type, but this is accurate)
    • SACS accredits the two college partners, which then substantiates each student's college transcript as the student tries to transfer the credits to a different college of their choice. 
  • Students experience early college academic vigor while remaining in their parents’ care;
  • Parents access a Christian, credentialed Assessor or Reviewer who assesses work at a collegiate level and who respects parents and their choice of curriculum;
  • CC families reduce their initial costs for college: costs per credit hour in CC+ are $130/credit hour ($389/per course) or $167/credit hour ($500 per course), compared to $600/credit hour ($1,800/course) or as much as $800/credit hour ($2,400/course) in private colleges.
  • Classical Conversations Plus age requirements for currently registered Challenge students are 15 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge II concurrent college courses and 16 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge III or IV concurrent college courses.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Click on this link for more information about Classical Conversations Plus from our website:

A three-part webinar recording from April 12, 2018 by Lin Tomkinson is available here for families to view at their convenience: 

  1. Part 1- 23 mins (includes 3 mins of intro) Definitions of Terms (what is a college course like while in Challenge)
  2. Part 2- 15 mins : How do college credits work for families 
  3. Part 3 - 13 mins: Which actual college courses are available now (April 2018) for registration this Summer, Fall and Spring 2019?


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