National Memory Masters Competition Q & A

National Memory Masters FAQs

What is National Memory Masters?
In 2016, Leigh Bortins, founder of Classical ConversationsĀ®, created the National Memory Master competition. This competition encompasses all three Cycles of our Foundations Memory work.  Students from all across the United States competed to be a finalist on our Capstone Cruise and have a chance to earn the $10,000 grand prize of National Memory Master.

Is the competition taking place in 2018?
Yes, the NMM competition is happening this upcoming school year on the Carnival Cruise line departing from Cape Canaveral.   The dates will be 4/29/2018 - 5/3/2018. We do not yet have the dates for the initial application process.

How do I compete?
Because memory master begins with the local licensed community, stay tuned to announcements from your local director about the details of National Memory Master for 2018. We will be working to continuously make this competition better for our families!

What ages can compete?
Finalists must be no younger than eleven (11) and no older than twelve (12) years as of April 30, 2018.

Where can I find the official rule book?
At this time edits are being made on the official rules document and are in the process of being finalized.  The rule book, once finalized, will be released on the National Memory Masters website for downloading. You can find the National Memory Masters page  here.

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