The Difference Between the Three Foundations Program Cycles

What is a Cycle?

The material presented in the Foundations Program is divided into three cycles - one cycle per year, for three years. Children who begin Foundations in K4 will complete each cycle at least twice, developing a greater understanding and mastery through repetition. However, children at any age will benefit from learning the memory work, even if they only complete one cycle. Since cycles aren't related to a particular grade level, families may begin any cycle at any time. Sixth graders cover the same grammar as kindergarteners and are encouraged to cover the material in greater depth at home.

What information is covered in each cycle?

The chart below outlines the memory work, or new grammar, focus for each cycle by strand. Math and Timeline are the same for all cycles, while Latin, Science, English, History, Geography, and Bible are unique to the cycle. Families also participate in hands-on fine arts and science, which also correspond with the history timeframes studied each cycle.

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