The Memory Resource CD, Audio 3-CD Set, and the iPad App

The Memory Work Resource CD, Audio CDs, and the iPad app are all excellent resources that help reinforce the memory work contained in the Foundations Guide. All of these resources contain the same audio tracks. The iPad app is identical to the Memory Work Tutorial found on CC Connected. 

The Memory Work Resource CD contains the same presentation format as the Memory Work Tutorial, except the Resource CD uses PowerPoint presentations accompanied by audio. The only difference is that this CD does not contain the History Highlights, which are only available on the iPad app/Memory Work Tutorial, and on CC Connected on the At Home File Sharing section. 

The Resource CD contains the Timeline Song as well as a few classical music songs to go along with the fine arts material. It does not contain the Orchestra Song or the Books of the Bible songs. However, these songs can be found on the Public Library in the Guest section on CC Connected. 

The Timeline Song is not on the iPad app/Memory Work Tutorial, but it is available on CC Connected. The Timeline Song is no longer available for purchase from the Classical Conversations bookstore. 

The Audio CDs are intended to be played in a CD player and contain narration and songs. It consists of a Subject CD (memory work tracks arranged according to subject), a Weekly CD (memory work tracks arranged according to week), and a Timeline CD (CC Timeline Song, Orchestra Song, and Books of the Bible Songs). 

The Memory Work Resource CD designed to be used on a computer (not MAC compatible.) It cannot be played on a standalone CD player. The particular product you choose will be determined primarily by your choice of format, since the content on all of these products is basically the same.

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