Foundations Memory Work Resources: CC Connected, CDs, Apps, and iTunes

Understanding families have unique needs, Classical Conversations offers a variety of formats to access Foundations Memory Work. The Foundations Memory Work resources include access via CC Connected, Audio CDs, Android and Apple Apps, and iTunes. Each with slightly different content and benefits, all are excellent resources to help reinforce the memory work contained in the Foundations Guide. Below is a breakdown to help decide which resources best suite your family.

Content CC Connected
Android / Apple Apps
Audio Memory Work
included included included included
Organization streaming audio format
student tutorial format
3 disc set
per cycle
student tutorial format 3 vol. set
per cycle
Visual Accompaniment included not included included not included
Access phones, tablets, computers
not downloadable
downloadable to all devices on an account downloadable to all devices on an account
narration & song
included included narration only
(song not included)
History Sentence
narration & songs
included included included included
Skip Counting
included included included included
US Presidents Song included included included included
Cost subscription
$9.99 per cycle $6.99 (Apple)
$9.99 (Android)
*per cycle
from $6.99 per vol.

For more details about the NEW Foundations Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorial App for Apple and Android visit here!

How to access Foundations Memory Work via CC Connected

Log in to CC Connected. You must have a subscription to the Foundation tier of CC Connected in order to access both the streaming audio format and the student tutorial formats of the memory work. See here for How to Subscribe to CC Connected.

To access the streaming audio format, navigate the the Foundations Learning Center drop down menu.

To access the student tutorial format, navigate to the Tutorials link.

Audio CD Sets

Each Foundations cycle has its own 3-disc CD set. The third CD of each set is identical. These sets can be purchased on the CC Bookstore website using the links below.

Below outlines the content for each CD in a set.

  1. Weekly CD (memory work tracks arranged according to week)
  2. Subject CD (memory work tracks arranged according to subject)
  3. Additional Songs CD (CC Timeline song, Presidents song, US States & Capitals song, Orchestra song, and Bible songs

For questions pertaining to copyright, please reference the Copyright and Permissions to Use Classical Conversations Materials Guidelines document.

Apple iTunes Audio

As a complement for our audio CD sets, digital versions are also available for purchase and download. Audio is not available on Amazon Music, Google Play, or Spotify at this time.

Each Foundations cycle has its own 3 volume set. The third volume of each set is identical and should only be purchased digitally once.

You can access each volume set for purchase here Foundations Memory Work iTunes Audio

For questions pertaining to copyright, please reference the Copyright and Permissions to Use Classical Conversations Materials Guidelines document.

Android and Apple Apps

The Foundations Memory Work apps are identical to the student tutorial found on CC Connected. Each app only contains one cycle. The individual cycles apps (1, 2, and 3) must be purchased separately. The Timeline song is not available on either App.

Available on Apple and Android Operating Systems 

The Foundations Memory Work apps are available for Apple and Android devices. The Apple devices include iPads and iPhones (devices that use the iOS mobile operating system). The Android devices include phones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel (devices that use Google’s Android operating system).

How to purchase the Foundations Memory Work Apps 

You can find the apps by going to the Google Play store, or iTunes app store and typing in “Classical Conversations” in the search field to find the CC Foundations apps.

Sharing Memory Work Apps across multiple devices

There are two ways that you can share our Memory Work apps on multiple devices.

  1. Utilizing the same Apple ID/Google Account: If each Apple/Google device you are trying to download the app on is using the same Apple ID/Google Account (the Apple ID/Google Account you used when purchasing the app originally), you should be able to download the app on each device.
  2. App Sharing Features: You can use the Apple Family Sharing/Google Family Library feature to download the app on devices that don't share an Apple ID. You can find out more about the Apple Family Sharing/Google Family Library feature on Apple's Website (for Family Sharing) or Google's website (for Family Library).

If you have trouble with either of these methods, please contact Apple Support or Google Play Support.

Mobile App vs Mobile Website 

A mobile app is a program that is downloaded from an app store such as the Apple Store or Google Play and is installed onto a mobile device. Most apps do not require an internet connection to function. Since mobile apps are downloaded to the device, they do not require a browser in order to be accessed.   

However, a mobile website is a website that has been adapted or optimized for mobile devices and is accessed through an internet browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Thus, an internet connection is needed in order to access a mobile website.

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