Timeline Song, Hand Motions and Support Videos

Timeline refers to the Foundations Program new grammar memory work strand where students memorize key events in our world's history. Classical Conversations provides an official Timeline Song for students to help with memorization. Students are welcome to memorize the Timeline Song or simply memorize the events in order without singing.

The Timeline Song is included on all Cycle Memory work cd's that can be purchased here.

Is memorization of Timeline hand motions required?

Hand motions for the timeline are optional.  Although the hand motions are labeled as an official CC resource, they should not be considered as the only available hand motions to tutors and parents.

The hand motions were developed to aid student memory and to be simple enough for young children to easily grasp. They are provided as an example and do not use official sign language. The CC Timeline hand motions are very detailed, but they can certainly be simplified as desired. Tutors and parents are encouraged to modify the motions to fit the unique needs of their students at home or during community day. 

Classical Conversations strives to strike a balance between establishing guidelines to help ensure quality standards across all CC communities and avoiding being overly prescriptive with rules and standards.

Where can I find help with the Timeline hand motions?

Timeline hand motions videos are located on CC Connected.  The video is just one of many tools available to families and communities to aid in learning and reinforcing the Foundations memory work. 

The timeline hand motions video is located on CC Connected: Foundations Learning Center > Timeline Videos.

You must have a subscription to the Foundations tier of CC Connected in order to access these videos. See here for How to Subscribe to CC Connected.

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