Classical Conversations: An Academic Overview with Scope and Sequence

An Academic Overview for Classical Conversations

This article contains the scope and sequence of all levels of Classical Conversations as presented in community, provides an academic description of each level of the program, and academic credit hour suggestions for the challenge levels. 

Community Scope and Sequence Chart

* All information and charts are found in 2021 Online Catalog

Foundations Program

Foundations is a grammar program for parents and their children, ages four to twelve. Parents and Tutors use the Foundations Curriculum, which outlines a comprehensive core of grammar for history, science, English, Latin, geography, and math. Children will encounter these facts again later in subsequent Classical Conversations programs. This curriculum clearly leads parents week by week through a classical education at home.

Foundations programs meet once a week for two semesters of twelve weeks each. Parents and their children participate in a group assembly and then separate into groups of up to eight students for an academically charged half-day. Parents participate in seminars to learn how to teach classically at home. Children inspire and encourage each other, and parents appreciate the support and encouragement of other like-minded parents.

The material taught in Foundation is divided into three cycles -- one cycle per year for three years.

  • Cycle 1 - World: Historical Empires, Peoples, and Countries
  • Cycle 2 - World: Pre-Reformation to Modern
  • Cycle 3 - United States Discovery to Current Events (Some alternate history sentences available for global communities on CC Connected)

Note: Timeline and Math are the same for each cycle.

Essentials Program

The Essentials program is a bridge between the grammar and dialectic arts that prepares students for the Challenge program. This power-packed program guides parents of children ages nine to twelve through the foundational principles of language structure and analysis, the structure and style of writing, and arithmetic speed and accuracy.

The Essentials program is a two-hour program made up of three components: 

  • English grammar studies
  • Math speed drill games
  • Writing instruction 
    • Cycle 1 - IEW Ancient History-based Writing Lessons
    • Cycle 2 - IEW Medieval History-based Writing Lessons
    • Cycle 3 - IEW U.S. History-based Writing Lessons (Global communities will use IEW Modern History or country specific text) 

Challenge Program

Students twelve years and older are introduced to the rigorous work of the Challenge program as they learn to own the joys and challenges of this discussion-charged Challenge A program. It is a mix of grammar and dialectic materials with an introduction to basic rhetorical skills. We purposely limit the amount of reading to give students time to work on their writing skills. This fulfilling program prepares students for later Challenge programs by serving as a bridge between the parent-directed Foundations years and more self-directed learning.

Challenge programs meet for fifteen weeks for two semesters of tutoring in six classical seminars. At-home and community assignments are described in the Challenge Guide for each program. Students read and research at home and come to community prepared for public speaking, discussion, debate, and experiments.

Challenge Scope and Sequence with Credits

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