How to Download MP3s to an iPad

Downloading MP3s from the Internet (or from an email) directly to an iPad can be tricky if you do not have an appropriate download application loaded on your device. However, there are several suggested options for downloading files onto your iPad. We do not guarantee any of these. We recommend that you employ the recommended fix from Apple Support.

1. Acquire a file manager system application like GoodReader. This application should allow you to save audio, video, documents, and other files. You should be able to find this in the Apple App Store.

2. Another way is to save the MP3 to your music library on a PC and then synchronize your iPad with your PC’s music library using iTunes.

3. Another work around is to create a Drobox account and install the Drobox app on your iPad device. Use to save the MP3 to your Drobox account. Open Drobox on your iPad, you can star it so it’s downloaded and kept for offline access.

4. Some people recommend using a download manager for iPads. Some people refer to a product called Downloads for iPad (there is a lite version and the full version). This software is supposed to allow you to download files from Internet to your iPad.

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