Merging Documents into One PDF for Assignment Uploads (Includes Compressing File)

How to Merge Multiple Documents into one PDF (Includes Compressing File)


This will overview how to use a free website to add multiple documents and merge them into one PDF for writing assignments that are being uploaded to your transcripts through the External Training Link.  This website will also allow you to compress the file if it’s too big to load in the New Learning Pathways.

Very Important:  This is a free site that is sponsored by Ads.  You do not want to click on Ads or download any extensions when using this site. 

Website:  Smallpdf       Link:


Step 1:  Go to Smallpdf through the link and add all your files (See image 1).

Image 1:

Step 2:  Use the Add more PDFs link to add each document.  Once you’ve add all of your documents, click on the MERGE PDF (See Image 2).

Image 2:

Step 3:  Use the Download Icon to download your new merged file.  Use this file to upload your assignment to the New Learning Pathways.   You can also compress the file if needed if it’s to big to load to the New Learning Pathways (See Image 3).

Image 3:


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