How to Launch My Scheduled Webinar

To launch your scheduled webinar in the New LP,  you first need to find the webinar in your In Process Training Tile.  

  1. Most recent registrations are at the beginning of your list so you may need to click through your pages to find the webinar title. 
  2. You can launch the webinar within 5 minutes to the start time.  Before then,  there will be no launch button.  You can click on the the webinar title or the arrow icon to advance to the event details page that will have the launch button. 

Once on the event details page,  click on the launch button to launch the webinar.   
Note:  If the launch button does not appear,  you may need to refresh the page.  Most browser can be refreshed by clicking F5 on the keyboard.  There will be no launch button if you are on the screen before the 5 minute mark.

3.  Webinars are ran through Webex.  Once Webex Training is initialized on your computer,  you will need to set up your audio.  You should see a connect to Audio pop up where you can choose to run audio through your phone or computer.   We recommend using a headset if you run through your computer.  

4.  You will enter the Webex Training start page.  View image for options you have within Webex.  (Image is for PC users). 

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