Prorated Tuition Rates for Challenge III and IV

In order to promote integration in Challenge, students will pay for all six strands in Challenges A–II. Families in Challenges III and IV may pay per seminar, but at the discretion and approval of the Director. Prorated tuition is not evenly distributed per seminar.

It is a much better value for a family to enroll in all six seminars than to pay the prorated tuition rate for fewer than six seminars.

The following chart outlines the prorated tuition cost per individual seminar (18-19 Academic Year). Families still have to pay the full amount for all other fees such as the application fee, supply fee, and facility fee.

Number of Seminars Tuition Cost Per Semester
1 Seminar $225
2 Seminars $450
3 Seminars $500
4 Seminars $550
5 Seminars $600
6 Seminars $637.50


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