Who can be a Classical Conversations Tutor?

Our Classical Conversations communities meet once a week where trained tutors guide intensive study and review of the curriculum. Foundations and Essentials tutors must be parents who currently have children enrolled in the program. Classical Conversations is dedicated to the idea of equipping parents to homeschool successfully, so we want to model that being done by another parent. Foundations/Essentials directors must also have children currently enrolled in the Foundations or Essentials program.

Challenge Directors (sometimes referred to as tutors) must have homeschooled their children at or beyond the level that they are currently wishing to tutor. In addition, directors and tutors must submit to a background check and ascribe to our Statement of Faith. Please contact your Director or Support Representative if you have any questions about your specific situation. To find a Classical Conversations® community in your area, see the  community website page.


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