Training loads but certain features/buttons are not working

Training materials in New Learning Pathways may require Flash for certain features, buttons, or commands to work.   Chrome is set to automatically block Flash and will need to be set to allow to run flash.  

Google Chrome

Users should receive an alert when loading the course where they can click always allow for this site.  

To add Manually

  • From within Chrome click the 3 dot setting icon located at the top right of browser 
  • Scroll down and click advanced
  • Click Content
  • Scroll to the ‘Flash’ section
  • Select “Ask first before allowing sites to run flash.”  You will be prompted when a site wants to run Flash and you can decide to allow it for the particular site
  • type into the allow section


  • From within Firefox click the Menu button and select “Add-Ons”
  • Click “Plugins in the sidebar”
  • Scroll to find “Shockwave Flash” in the list and select “Ask to Activate” from the options.  This will prompt you when a site asks to run Flash and you can decide to allow it for the particular site.

Internet Explorer

  • From within IE, select the Gear icon and select “Manage Add-Ons”
  • Locate the “Shockwave Flash Object, right-click and select “More Information”
  • If you see a ‘*’ on the window labeled “You have approved this add-on to run on the following website” this means Flash can run without your permission.  Click the “Remove All Sites” button to remove permissions from all sites for running Flash without your permission so you will be prompted each time a website decides to run flash and you can decide to allow it for a particular site.

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