Returning Books at Practicum Events

Returns at Practicum Events 2017

Customers are able to return and exchange their CC books at local book events such as Parent Practicums regardless of where they originally purchased their books. However, books must be in new resalable condition and comply with our return policies

Book representatives can provide cash refunds for returned books only if they have the available cash on hand to provide the refund (available cash means cash above the day's starting till). They cannot provide refund checks. If they cannot provide a cash refund, they can take the book and then submit a credit order to the CC office who will then send a refund check to the customer. 

The return and exchange amounts for books will be in the amount that the books are being sold for at that event. For example, if a customer paid $50 for a book online, but is being sold at the book event for $40, then they can only receive $40 for their refund or exchange amount. 

Customers will be refunded the tax amount in the state where they returned the book, not the tax amount in the state where they purchased the book. The tax amount will be added to the total return/exchange amount of the book. Returned books (exchanges) can be used toward the purchase of other books.


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