No Co-Directors

We do not allow co-directors in Classical Conversations. Support Representatives establish a licensing agreement with one person as the director of each program. Only the director may attend director licensing orientation and access the CC portal to manage their program.

However, a new Challenge III or IV director may subcontract up to two seminars to another person, but only in their first year of directing. The primary director is expected to be present for the strands that may be covered by a subcontractor in order to learn the content and to help integrate the content for the class. The director will be expected to facilitate all of the seminar topics if they continue as a director the following year

The Challenge director is responsible for facilitating discussion on all of the topics and to review the material that the students will be covering over the next week. Please understand that Classical Conversations is a homeschool support organization and not a school. To that end it is important that Challenge directors model the concept that one person (the parent) can successfully cover all of the various academic topics with their student(s).


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