Restricted Use of the CC Foundations Guide

An individual family does not need to be in a licensed Classical Conversations community in order to purchase and use the Classical Conversations Foundations Curriculum in their own home. However, the Classical Conversations Foundations Curriculum may not be used in a school or in an unlicensed Classical Conversations Community.  Please reference the copyright page in the Foundations Curriculum and is provided here in part:  "As purchaser of this book and curriculum, you are welcome to copy and use all of this information for your own students' use only.  Families or teachers who join you in this endeavor must also buy this book and curriculum.  Please do not copy it for them.  If any tuition is paid or fees are earned using this curriculum, you must purchase a license to operate a Foundations program."

In addition, schools and unlicensed Classical Conversations Communities may not use any materials that relate to the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide, which include the Audio CDs, the Memory Work Resource CD, and Memory Master Flashcards. Schools and groups may use the Classical Acts and Facts History Cards and Science Cards as well as the English Grammar, Quid et Quo, and Latin Trivium Tables. However, students must purchase their own set of trivium tables and Classical Acts and Facts cards if schools and groups decide to use these products. 

Although the Classical Conversations Foundations curriculum can be followed successfully by individual families in their own homeschool, the greatest benefit from the Classical Conversations Foundations program will be in a local licensed Classical ConversationsĀ® Community. 

Please see additional explanation of the benefits of a  Classical Conversations Community


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