Refunds for Community Fees

Refunds for Community Fees

All program-related monies including application, tuition, and supply fees are paid to the director and are used for the administration of the local community. The CC corporate office does not receive these funds.

The first page of the program application form explains that application and supply fees are not refundable or transferable to another family. There may be limited circumstances where a portion of the tuition can be refunded if the director finds someone to replace the student. However, it should be understood that even partial refunds for tuition are very rare. 

The no-refund policy is in place to help ensure the smooth operations of the local community to the benefit of all families. Directors contract with tutors based on the number of students that are enrolled in their programs. This contacting incurs a financial commitment to the director because the director pays the tutors. This is why all tuition payments stay at the local level. 

Please contact your Director with any other questions you may have about your local fees.  

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