How to Follow Copyright of CC Materials

The issues of copyright can often be confusing. Following are some key points to keep in mind.

1. You may make copies of CC materials for your own use if you have purchased the original material. For example, you can make copies of pages from the Foundations Guide if you own the Foundations Guide. However, you cannot share those copies with another family that does not own their own copy of the Foundations Guide.

2. You can also create your own games, worksheets, videos, songs, etc. that use CC content. You can share those creations with other families that own the original content such as the Foundations Guide. However, you cannot sell materials that you create using CC content.

3. You cannot share your materials that use CC content with those outside of CC (those that do not own the original content). That’s why we ask that people not post their CC related content on Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites.

4. The safest place to share your unique creations using CC content is on CC Connected. This will help ensure that only CC families will have access to this content.

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