Fridge Facts Removed from CC Connected

The Fridge Facts were a creative display of the CC Foundations memory work. Many families found it to be a convenient and useful resource in helping them review each week’s memory work with their students. However, this item was more than just a useful sample of what families could create for themselves at home, but rather listed all of the memory work for all 24 weeks. This item essentially reproduced the entire content of the Foundations memory work curriculum, which went beyond the spirit of creating and sharing useful help documents on the CC Connected file sharing site. It would be okay for someone to provide a sample format with a couple of weeks listed as an example, but this item went far beyond a sample as it listed the complete memory work curriculum. 

The Fridge Facts became even more problematic when people started sharing it with others outside of CC who had not purchased a Foundations Guide. We invest a large amount of time and resources in developing all of our curriculum materials, and need to take reasonable steps to protect that investment and to honor those who have purchased the Foundations materials.

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