Latin Workspace

Latin Workspace A
Latin Workspace A (AS043) is used in Challenge A, B, and I. It is a consumable assignment workbook that goes along with the first third of the Henle Latin I book (through lesson 15).

Challenge B students will need a copy of Latin Workspace A for first semester, but they will do two pages per day where Challenge A students will do one page per day. The lessons that Latin Workspace A covers go well into first semester of Challenge B. 

The books were designed this way to showcase the incremental growth of Latin in Challenge where students start with the same content each year, but move the material at a faster pace each year. This approach helps students develop the habit of studying Latin daily.

Latin Workspace B
Latin Workspace B (BS062) will pick up at lesson 16 and cover the second third of the Henle 1 book. It is intended to be used for second semester in Challenge B.

Latin Workspace C
It’s not definite, but there are discussions about possibly producing a Latin Workspace C that would cover the final third of the Henle Latin 1 book.

Henle Latin
The Henle Latin books we sell were published in the 1950s. There are Christian themes throughout the Henle Latin books, more specifically though, they are written from a Catholic point of view. However, all Christian families should find them to be suitable for their use.


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