CC Materials, Schools, and Non Classical Conversations Groups

Schools and non Classical Conversations groups can enjoy the many excellent products provided by Classical Conversations with few restrictions. However, schools and non Classical Conversations groups may not use any of the Classical Conversations program guides in a classroom setting. These program guides include the Foundations Guide, Essentials Guide, and Challenge Guides. 

In addition, these schools and groups may not use any materials that relate to the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide, which include the Audio CDs, the Memory Work Resource CD, and Memory Master Flashcards. 

However, schools and groups may use the Classical Acts and Facts History Cards and Science Cards as well as the English Grammar, Quid et Quo, and Latin Trivium Tables. However, students must purchase their own set of trivium tables and Classical Acts and Facts cards if schools and groups decide to use these products. 

These materials can be purchased from our  online bookstore


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