Challenge Program Transfers

Challenge Program Transfers
Transfers from one Challenge program to another are somewhat rare occurrences, but are becoming more prevalent as the number of Challenge programs continue to increase.

Challenge program transfers can sometimes be difficult to administer because of the way license fees are structured on tuition and registration payments.


When a Family Drops

  • The Challenge registration form states that all registration, supply, and facility fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Therefore, if a student drops from the program then no refund should be expected for these fees. However, some directors may refund a portion of these fees.
  • The director may, at their discretion, refund a portion of the tuition based on the number of weeks attended. However, again, this is done at the discretion of the director and sometimes only done if they find another student to take their place.
  • Challenge students may drop at semester’s end and are not responsible for paying the next semester’s tuition.

When a Family Moves

  • If a family moves more than 60 miles away and transfers to a new community, then the registration fee is waived. The new director marks the student as Transferred In Exempt-No Fees.
  • According to CC policy, the transferring family is technically responsible for paying all tuition and fees to the new community. However, we encourage both directors and the family to work together cooperatively in order to find a solution that does not unduly burden the family or either director.
  • The 1/3 Guide: As a general guide for Challenge program transfers, the current director will transfer 1/3 of the remaining prorated amount to the new director, the family will pay an additional 1/3, and the new director will discount the tuition by 1/3.
  • Directors who receive a transferring student into their program will prorate tuition and charge supply and facility fees as needed.
  • Licensing payments do not transfer.


The Scenario

  • A family enrolls in Challenge A and pays their director the $125 registration fee and $637.50 tuition fee.
  • The director pays CC the $198.25 license fee owed for first semester.
  • The student transfers out after five weeks.
  • The current and new directors along with the family agree to the 1/3 guideline.
  • (The current director may or may not decide to refund the family a prorated amount of any supply and facility fees.)

Action Steps for the Current Director

  • The current director marks the student as Transferred Out and 5W for first semester and Dropped 0W for second semester.
  • The portal will now show that the license fee owed for the student is $87.75 (if the director is at 26%).
  • The director’s licensee fee amount owed will now be revised to show an overpayment of $110.50. This amount will be applied to the license fee payments owed for second semester. (If an overpayment occurs during second semester, then the director will be sent a refund by the CC corporate office in May at the end of the school year.) 
  • The current director keeps the tuition monies for the first five weeks, which is $212.50. The tuition for the next 10 weeks is $425. They will give 1/3 of this amount to the family (or the receiving director), which is $141.67.

Action Steps for the Family
The family does not owe the registration fee to the new director since they have moved more than 60 miles. However, they owe the new director for 10 weeks of tuition, which is $425. However, the new director discounts the tuition by 1/3. The family now owes $283.33 to the new director.

Action Steps for the New Director
The new director adds the student to their program and marks them Transferred In Exempt – No Fees 10W. This will show a license fee payment of $110.50 owed on $425 of tuition. This license fee of $110.50 should be paid to CC within two weeks of the student joining the program.


How to Mark the Portal for a Student Transferring In Exempt-No Fees at the Beginning of Second Semester

  • Mark the Registration Fee Status as Exempt
  • For first semester select Transferred In Exempt-No Fees and 0W
  • For second semester select Transferred In Exempt-No Fees and 15W


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