How to Whitelist CC Email Messages

Whitelisting an email address is a process of creating a rule or a filter in an email client (e.g. Gmail) that allows messages from a certain email address to be delivered to an inbox and not sent to a spam folder.

An individual may need to whitelist an email address from Classical Conversations if those messages are going to a junk/spam folder.

Following are instructions on how to whitelist an email address in Outlook and Gmail.

First select the email message that you want to whitelist, then go to Home > Junk > select Never Block Sender’s Domain.

Go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Create a New Filter > put in the Filter From field > Create filter with this search > check the box Never send it to Spam > click the Create Filter button

Select Settings

Select Filters and Blocked Addresses

Select “Create a new filter”

Put in the Filter From field, then click “Create filter with this search”

Check the box “Never send it to Spam,” then click the “Create filter” button


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