How credits are determined for the Challenge program

Classical Conversations exists as a support program to homeschooling families. As such, parents are responsible for determining the credits for each semester. The following Challenge Difference, Assigning Credits  document provides some helpful guidelines for assigning credits and is a helpful resource for parents of Challenge students.  

In most cases, Challenge students have more than enough credits to meet state graduation requirements. In Challenge B, students can get 1.0 credit for successful completion of Introductory and Intermediate Logic, and 0.5 credit for debate (Mock Trial). What is deserving of a credit varies from family to family. As a result, the tutor is not in a position to provide an enhanced assignment schedule. 

Parents will have to do some research and decide what their educational goals are for the student. Some parents begin by looking at admission requirements of potential colleges and work from there. Again, the parents must decide and be the final giver of grades/credits.

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