Spell to Write and Read vs Writing Road to Reading

Spell to Write and Read
Spell to Write and Read is a non-consumable and comprehensive phonics- based language arts program. It is suitable for all ages (K-12) and is highly recommended.

It is actually patterned after The Writing Road to Reading program. However, it was organized to make it easier for parents to use. There is still a lot of writing involved compared to other similar programs.

The focus of the program is the utilization of phonograms, which students practice saying, writing, seeing, and reading. (A phonogram is a letter or group of letters that represent a sound. For example, “oy” is a phonogram that says /oi/ as in boy.)

The Writing Road to Reading
The Writing Road to Reading is also non-consumable and utilizes an intensive phonics approach with a focus on phonograms. It is designed for grades K-6

Students do a lot of writing with this program, which is part of the Spalding philosophy that incorporates spelling and handwriting with phonics instruction.

The Writing Road to Reading is very detailed and some feel that it requires more work to teach to students than other similar types of programs. This is a great program for the more experienced teacher and more apt student. Parents do need to purchase phonogram cards (although many parents make their own).

Spalding sells the Writing Road to Reading homeschool kit ($205), which includes phonogram cards, phonogram sounds CD, and other resources.


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