CC Connected Materials in the Foundations Classroom

Generally speaking, we discourage the use of additional materials in the CC classroom because we want to emphasize the philosophy of keeping it simple through the primary use of the whiteboard. Any materials that are used should complement the whiteboard, not replace it. Remember, the whiteboard is the primary method of instruction in the CC Classroom. 

The primary responsibility of the tutor is to equip parents by demonstrating how to drill the memory work with their students, so time-consuming activities such as cutting, pasting, etc. should not take place. However, these activities can certainly be shared with parents to do at home.  

Please do not provide materials to parents that you download from CC Connected, but feel free to direct parents on how to access and download the materials. However, students may keep and take home any CC Connected materials that you give to them for use in class such as coloring pages, lab sheets, etc.

CC Connected is a good resource for additional materials, but again, additional materials and activities should be limited.

Following are some examples of materials that might be used in the CC classroom:

  • Lab sheets for the science experiments
  •  Mirror image sheets for fine arts
  • Classical music timelines
  • Latin pronunciation aids
  • Review games

Please contact your local leadership for additional assistance. 


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