CC Connected Terms of Service and Copyright

CC Connected Terms of Service and Copyright

The attached CC Connected Terms of Service Agreement should address most questions related to rights and restrictions of materials that are uploaded to or accessed on CC Connected.

People do not give up their ownership (if there is indeed a true ownership) when they upload their materials to CC Connected. However, it is important to understand that most materials uploaded to CC Connected are simple derivative works that are based on CC curriculum, such as Foundations memory work. Many of these works would not be able to satisfy the level of originality required in order to receive copyright protection. In addition, Classical Conversations can exercise our rights to control the proprietary interests of original content that we have developed.

Individuals are prohibited from selling materials that they access on CC Connected. However, when someone uploads an item to CC Connected, they are making it available to thousands of CC families around the world. If an individual is concerned about their materials being misused by other CC Connected subscribers, especially where pecuniary interests might be involved, then they should refrain from uploading their materials to the CC Connected File Sharing site.

Generally speaking, anyone’s original creative work receives copyright protection from the time it is created. However, individuals should consider registering their original work with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to make it easier to pursue damages against another party that may infringe upon their copyright.


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