Office Depot and Staples Discount Purchasing Programs

Classical Conversations has established a discount purchasing program with Office Depot and Staples for all CC families located in the USA. These discounts are available in store and online, and include office supplies and printing. 

Register for the discount program at the following link

Once you have registered, contact Julianna "Jewels" Roberts via e-mail address and provide her with your Office Depot account username to get your Store Purchasing Card and to turn on your in-store pickup option. It usually takes 2-3 days for accounts to be activated.

If you have any issues in getting a reply from Julianna, below is her contact information:

Julianna "Jewels" Roberts
Business Solutions Division Account
Manager/Inside Sales Organization
9501 Amberglen Blvd., Suite 200, Austin, TX  78729
Tel:  (855) 337-6811 Ext. 12733

Our Staples Advantage program allows CC families to enjoy savings at their Retail Copy & Print Centers.  You will receive a discount on printing and copying services and also receive listed discounts on-line and the best sale prices at local Staples.  When using your account, you can use the print/copy services on-line if you have documents that you can upload to Staples.

In order to receive discounts, all members need to set up a NEW account with online access under the Staples Advantage program and provide the Master Account number: 1818515.   (Our old CC master account no longer works, so make sure you set up a new account) Below are directions for setting up your account:

Place this url address into your web browser's url address bar:

Step 1:  Click on “Become A Customer” located near the top right

Step 2:  Locate within the red box "Need a login to your company's account?"  Then Click the "Register Now" button

Step 3:  Locate the Staples Chat screen pop up.  Under "Please select a contact reason" Click the button beside "Something Else" 

Step 4:  Click the "Start Chat" button

Step 5:  Chat will start, and Staples Chat will ask what is required.  The answer is "online access for 1818515 – Classical Conversations".

Step 6:  Chat will ask for your full name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, and your shipping address (No Post Office Box addresses allowed). That is all the Chat will need.

Once chat is complete, the request will go to Donna Pickrem, Staples Senior Account Manager - Atlantic Coast, she is located at Staples in Framingham, MA.  Donna will contact you within 24 - 72 business hours either via telephone or by e-mail for set up.  Her call may come from a 1-888 number, but if you do not answer, she will leave a voice message identifying herself as the Staples Classical Conversations Account Manager (or similar) and then you can follow the instruction in her voice message.  Please set your internet/mailbox to receive messages from or you may not receive the e-mail.  You can also check your inbox/spam/junk folders for her e-mail.

Donna will request any additional information required and if needed send you a link to pre-register your credit card.

If you have questions about your account set-up, you can e-mail Donna Pickrem at

Donna is located at Staples in Framingham MA

After Donna has set up your account and if you have registered your credit card, you can use at most Staples stores.

NOTE:  Before making your first purchase at your local Staples merchant store, please go to Staples Customer Service and provide the Staples associate with the Classical Conversations name and master account number to see if you can use the account with your pre-registered credit card at that particular store. 

You can also use the account number when placing an order online at  

When you make your purchase, type in the master account number and your user ID and password. If you don't remember the user ID and password, click on Forgot user ID or password and enter in the email address originally used to set up your profile. A password reset link will be emailed to you.

Donna Pickrem
Staples Senior Account Manager – Atlantic Coast
500 Staples Dr., Framingham MA

Staples Support   
Telephone:  1-877-826-7755

Have a question or need help?
Online at under "Help", click "Customer Service" to chat live (M-F 8am-8pm ET)

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