Enrollment Policies for the Challenge Program

When must I enroll by?

It is recommended that a student be enrolled in the age appropriate Challenge class by the beginning of the first semester.  In some cases if there is space students may be allowed to add during the second semester.

Please keep in mind that a full-time student enrollment takes priority over a part-time enrollment. It is not required of Directors to accept part-time students and often Directors will only accept full-time students in order to keep the continuity of seminar integration and dialectic conversation throughout the day

Can I take just a few of the classes?

If attending Challenge A-II classes students will pay for all six strands in order to promote integration in Challenge. However, students attending Challenge III and IV may pay per seminar, at the discretion and approval of the Director. In some cases seminar selection is still available for Challenge III/IV but is not encouraged.

What does my Challenge student do if they are not attending a class?

If a Challenge III or IV student is not participating in a strand and a parent is present in Foundations or Essentials, the child should be in Foundations or Essentials with the parent during the strand, or the child will be picked up by his/her parents and leave the community.

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