Special Message! Are you Member Full status yet?

Hello CC families! 

Do you know your status on CC Connected? Check the new CC Connected Learning Center to be sure that you are a Member with access to the full year’s worth of content, week seven and beyond. If not, here is what you can do…

If you have signed up for CC Community, there are two levels of access for your digital content. The ninety nine dollar enrollment fee makes you “Enrolled” and delivers week one through six of content. Then, when you have paid your full tuition, your local Director simply flips the switch in CC Connected to make you a “Member” with immediate access to week seven and beyond.

If you don’t see week seven and beyond, make sure that your tuition has been paid, and then ask your Director to flip the switch to access everything you need for a successful year!

The new CC Connected is more streamlined and organized by strand, full of valuable printables, ezines, curated parent-made documents, and much more!

The Learning Center is all you will need for a successful year at CC. You can select your program tier, you can search by categories or the type of file you want to access.  Once you select the week you want, you can see all the options for resources that you can download.

This includes: E-Zines, Tutorials, Audios, Podcast, Morning Time Plans, Access to a full year's worth of content in the Learning Center, All-in-One Parent Library with at-home program content, digital access to full Challenge Guides as well as Foundations and Essentials Curriculum. Please note: you will still need hard copies of curriculum for in community use.

We want to make sure that you get the most value out of CC Connected and your community membership. Have a great semester! 

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