What is a Print and Supplies Discount Program?

    Classical Conversations has established a discount purchasing program with Office Depot / ODP (aka. Office Max) for all CC families  located in the USA (50 states) only. These discounts are available online and include office supplies and printing. For more information, please go to here.

    Our Office Depot program is also how families obtain access to the All Families folder of print items in My Files.

    Steps to register with Office Depot (aka. Office Max)

    1. Register for the Office Depot Discount Program here.
    2. To access the ODP Business Solutions app:
      1. Log into your account on a PC.
      2. Click on the circle with your initials in the upper right corner.
      3. Select "My Profile."
      4. Click "Store Discounting Program.”
      5. Click the "Next" button. (Or "Edit" button then the "Next" button.)
      6. Click "Confirm". Wait 24 hours.
      7. Using your phone, go to the Apple Store or Google Store, and upload the ODP Business Solutions app. Sign into your app on the phone and you can now tap on the "SPC" button to get the QR code for in store purchases.
    3. Once you have registered, contact Victoria “Liza” Delbrey at ODP via e-mail:
    • a. Provide Liza with your user name for your account

      b. Liza will grant you access to the All Families folder in My Files

      c. Liza will also ensure your In-Store pick up option is activated, allowing you to place orders online and pick up in store. She will ensure you have access to the Classical Conversations discount program when placing orders online.

    • It usually takes 2-3 days for accounts to be activated, and may take longer during busy seasons.

    Having trouble?

    If you have any issues in getting a reply from Victoria " Liza" Delbrey, below is her contact information:

    Victoria "Liza" Delbrey

    Office Depot  | Senior Inside Sales Representative | Business Solutions Division

    9501 Amberglen Blvd | Austin, Texas 78729  

    Tel:  512-729-8710 (Direct Line, no extention).


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