Technical Support FAQ

This article includes technical support if you are having issues downloading MP3"s to an iPad and how to clear the cache on your computer. 

Download MP3’s to an iPad

Downloading MP3s from the Internet (or from an email) directly to an iPad can be tricky if you do not have an appropriate download application loaded on your device. However, there are several suggested options for downloading files onto your iPad. We recommend that you contact Apple Support for those options. 

How to Clear Your Computer or Mobile Device Cache

An individual may need to whitelist an email address from Classical Conversations if your messages are going to a junk/spam folder. Whitelisting an email address is a process of creating a rule or a filter in an email client (e.g., Gmail) that allows messages from a certain email address to be delivered to an inbox and not sent to a spam folder. Each email provider and internet browsers are different, so please contact your email subscriber and/or do a google search for instructions. 

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