Classical Conversations® Foundations Enhanced Masters Class

What is an Enhanced Masters Class?

It is the same as a regular Foundations Masters class (ages 11-12)  with the difference being the students lead all core components with the assistance of the Tutor.  The focus is on enhancing the skills of presenting and not on learning more about the memory work or projects. No extra resources are needed as the students would work on the current cycle like the rest of the classes.  

This is not a consistently offered program and is only done on a year to year basis when a community sees a need.  Just because a community has it one year does not mean they will in the future.  

Who is eligible to participate?

Students who have been in Foundations for 4 years and have become a Memory Master at least once during that time could potentially be able to participate in an Enhanced Masters class. However, everyone in the class must be eligible for it to be created.  Students are traditionally 11 to 12 years old, however, students 10 years of age can, in rare cases, participate. In addition, parents and students must also commit to being a Memory Master for that year.  

Who approves an Enhanced Masters Class?

The request must be submitted up the chain from the director all the way to the Regional Sales Director (RSD).  The RSD then petitions for the allowance of an Enhanced Masters Class to Leah Bromen. 

Who can Tutor an Enhanced Masters Class?

To be a tutor of an Enhanced Master class a candidate must have tutored for one year as well as clearly understand the classical model and vision of Classical Conversations.  Often these Tutors have been Tutor Trainers previously.  Tutors will have access to the Tutor Training video on Learning Pathways for more training to be better prepared.  Leah will also be hosting a training for tutors and directors of approved campuses.

Is there another Guide that I would use with the Foundations Guide?

No, there is no additional material needed. 

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