How to Remove Students and Families from a Program

How to Remove Students and Families from a Program

Directors and SRs can remove students from their programs from June 1 until September 30. However, before June 1 and after September 30 they will need to contact their AR (Area Representative) to remove any incorrectly added students.

Families and students can be removed from a program only after the family’s payments have been deleted from the program. 

Follow the steps below to delete families and/or students from a program:

1.      Click on the Collect Monies from Families button.

2.      Click the X next to the family’s payments in order to remove the payment.

3.      Go back to the Enroll Families and Students page.

4.      Mark the student’s enrollment record as Unpaid, Dropped, OW, and then click the X to remove them.

5.      Once you have removed the student(s) from the program, you can then remove the family. Click the X to remove the family.


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